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Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

"The Uncommon Reader"

During these past days when I didn't have to go to work I realized how I've missed reading. I didn't have (or take?) any time for reading these past months as I was so busy with my job and baking ;-). I do love cooking and baking, but I have got a degree in linguistics and literary studies and haven't even read one novel since the summer!
I want to change that now and I'll try to post summaries, quotations I like, reflections and personal thoughts on the books I'm currently reading on this blog, too.
Gladly I got some books for Christmas and I started reading the first one: Alan Bennett's "The Uncommon Reader". I'm about half way through now and even if I don't particuraly like this book (I must say, I find it rather boring and definitely not well-written) it was a wonderful feeling to find myself sitting down in my favourite chair and hold a book in my hands that does not deal with didactics or cooking.
"The Uncommon Reader" is about the Queen who , by a coincidence, starts reading and becomes so obsessed with books that she begins to neglect her public duties. It is supposed to be funny, witty and reflect a lot about literature, but apart from naming a few famous authors I don't see any of that. I'l see how the second half is.

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