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Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

"Popcorn"- Muffins

Heute ist Mädels-Videoabend (anlässlich Evas Geburtstag)- und da habe ich "Popcorn-Muffins" gemacht. Dazu habe ich 48 Mini-Muffins (Zitronengeschmack) gebacken und darauf Mini-Marshmallows mit Puderzuckerglasur festgeklebt. Die fertigen Marshmallow-Muffins habe ich dann in einer Popcorn-Tüte drapiert. Der Abend kann losgehen!
Tonight is ladies' night to celebrate Eva's birthday and I made "popcorn" cupcakes for this occasion. I baked 48 mini-cupcakes (lemon-flavoured) and decorated these with mini-marshmallows, using royal icing to stick them onto the cakes. Then I put them in a popcorn bag which I found in a local store. Let the night begin!


  1. hey, you made these :D:D. they look great!!! and i am sure they taste wonderful too!

  2. Unfortunately, they don't sell yellow mini-marshmalows here in Germany (getting white ones was hard enough...). I'm sure it would have looked even nicer with yellow and white ones mixed, but I'm satisfied with the result nonetheless.
    Have you tried any "Hello Cupcake" ideas?

  3. What a wonderful idea! It's a pity, that I didn't notice these before. Popcorn-muffins would fit perfectly to movie birthday (my goddaughter's party).